Wild Pink Yonder is a series of three weekend trail rides
for breast cancer research. 
Rain or shine!

Willmore Wilderness Park/Cadomin - June 23, 24, 25
The Sand Dunes at Ribstone Creek Heritage Rangeland - August 17, 18, 19
The Badlands at Donalda - September 8, 9, 10

Join us for one weekend, or all three! 

Registration is $100/weekend.
All your meals and snacks will be provided.
Then you must fundraise a minimum of $50/day for research,
but we have great prizes
designed to encourage you to raise much more!

Our funds go to CRINA (Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta)
at the U of A in Edmonton.

Because CRINA is funded by the university,
100% of the money you donate goes to research.

Nothing is held back for expenses!

Register at WildPinkYonder.com